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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered right here.

What exactly does your virtual assistant offer?

Knowing that you have quite a lot on your plate as a business owner, our A-Team virtual assistants can fulfill the myriad of tasks needed before the day is done.

Our virtual assistants carry proven experience in the virtual assistance and relevant fields. We are experts in resolving client issues via multiple channels, managing online networks through all social media platforms, data and project management. You can rely on our expert VAs from simple tasks such as managing email queues to more complex tasks such as data entry, leads generation, creating project plans, promoting your social media accounts, and the like.

Our virtual assistants offer their expertise in accomplishing these tasks, so you can do more with your time and focus your efforts on things that matter most.

How can investing in a virtual assistance service add value to my business?

At Aptum, we believe in doing more with less. Our expert virtual assistants proactively engage and accomplish daily tasks for you at a fraction of the cost you would normally spend on hiring an added employee working at your office. Your investment enables you to increase your productivity potential and improve efficiency without having to deal with the extra and unnecessary costs of hiring U.S. based staff.

What advantage do Aptum's A-Team virtual assistants have against others in the market?

Our combined experience of over a century in the Business Process Outsourcing field is our competitive advantage. We know and understand business and we're here to help you succeed. By leveraging our collective expertise in a wide range of Business Process disciplines, we not only perform all the needed tasks, but we can also find smarter ways to streamline and optimize processes to win you back even more time!

Our processes including our virtual assistant selection align with our values of accountability, consistency, competency, and trust. Our VA is committed to providing service that exceeds your expectations. Our highly-trainable staff is not just equipped with the necessary skills set but more importantly, they can fulfill unstated needs. Because of their experience, they bring professionalism and excellence unmatched in the industry.

What is your unique virtual assistant selection process?

Our thorough selection process allows us to carefully curate services to exactly match your needs. We conduct competency-based assessments and personality profiling to gauge their competency levels and culture fit. We guarantee satisfaction with both English proficiency and U.S. cultural affinity. Our recruitment team is certified in the DISC model for assessment and has spent years ascertaining the soft skills, business maturity and business acumen of candidates. They’re also certified in situational leadership and possess psychology degrees which makes them eminently more qualified in recruitment and assessment than others in the market.

Technical assessments, system checklist, FBI equivalent background checks, and our 2-step interview and screening are all standard in our selection process.

Do you train your virtual assistants?

Yes, we do. We provide fundamental and basic training to our virtual assistants to prepare them for their roles. We also recognized that your business is different from others and we are willing to partner with you to train to your specific tools and processes. We can curate skill sets and culture fit to your exact needs.

How is your virtual assistant’s English proficiency?

We screen and only accept candidates with a neutral accent. Our virtual assistants go through a rigorous selection process ensuring that their communication skills are top-notch. In addition to screening for experience, you will be able to gauge their English proficiency personally during the assessment phase and determine if the virtual assistant assigned to you is fit for purpose.

Where is your virtual assistant located?

Our VAs work from home and are mostly located in Manila, Philippines. Manila is the center of commerce in the Philippines and the top destination for Business Process Outsourcing due to the high quality of employees and excellent English Communication Skills.

How can you help me get started with a virtual assistant?

As soon as you’re ready you can set an appointment on our website for a free consultation. You will be engaged by our Client Relationship Managers to help set your business up with our virtual assistant. We will guide you through the process free of charge. This is a premium service exclusive to Aptum and it’s important to us that you feel completely confident at the onset of the relationship.

Will my virtual assistant be accessible?

Yes, absolutely. Our virtual assistants are equipped with cloud-based VOIP systems and will have a direct line that you can call anytime. This is in addition to IM and email. You can decide whether your virtual assistant mirrors your schedule or works for you during your off-hours.

Can I change my virtual assistant as I find the right fit for me?

Yes. We will be with you along this journey offering consultation. Feedback is a gift and based on yours, we can ensure that we re-calibrate to your needs and we will help you find the virtual assistant that’s the best fit for you.

If I need different skill sets, will I need more than one virtual assistant?

Our goal is to make the best match at the onset of the relationship. One of our client relationship managers will be contacting you from the very start to discuss your requirements and choose the right virtual assistant for you. However, if you need several services with totally different skill sets like needing an administrative assistant and web development services, then chances are, you will be working with two people—your virtual assistant and our digital project manager. We provide you with not only the right skill sets but the very best people and that may require an individual specialist.

How do you ensure there is continuity if my virtual assistant is out sick or on leave?

We always maintain overstaffing which makes assigning a backup virtual assistant possible for any instances of sick and emergency leave. In addition to this, we have relationship managers who not only support their team of virtual assistants but who are also responsible for cross-training the backup virtual assistants at the onset of the relationship. They also act as the third layer for continuity. Lastly, our robust schedule management process plots vacation leaves well in advance allowing us to plan and ensure you are never caught by surprise.

Why go through a company when I can source virtual assistants myself?

Being locally situated and experienced in the BPO sector, our recruiting and screening processes ensure that not only hard skills but integrity, personality profile and most importantly job history can be verified.

Our vast network allows us to tap into talent pools that would otherwise be inaccessible. Our NBI (FBI equivalent) background checks and employment reference checks make scaling your workforce of virtual assistants much faster and completely hassle-free for you.

Our organizational structure also includes a management layer at no cost to you that will address any employee needs that would otherwise detract your time from more meaningful business needs.

Our recruitment department works local hours making interviews and screening more efficient. This also allows us to conduct proper inspection and reach out to government sectors as needed.

How do I know that staff are using their hours productively?

It is a requirement that all staff uses our time-logging software which requires staff to log in at the start of each shift and log out when finished for the day. The software monitors your staff’s activity by taking a screenshot of their desktop every 10 minutes which are sent to you in a daily report.

What is your InfoSec policy and protocol to keep my information safe?

Our IT Team carries tremendous experience from the Business Process Outsourcing sector where regular 3rd party audits are performed for systems security. Trained to follow ISO and CPOC standards, they ensure that our IT infrastructure eliminates any opportunity for compromise by completely disabling all external ports, running the latest antivirus and anti-malware protocols and performing cyclical backups of data to protect from system crashes. We also implement an internal code of conduct policies centered on confidentiality with clauses for each employment contract and service agreement.

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. We do not disclose any client information to any parties outside of those in the service agreement.


The Team

At Aptum Virtual Solutions, we carry proven experience in the virtual assistance and relevant fields. We are experts in resolving client issues via multiple channels.

We carry the hard skills to streamline your business. We possess the critical soft skills that are aligned with our values. We are proactive, well versed in cross-cultural communication, organized, highly adaptable and solutions-driven to ensure that not only will you benefit from this expertise, but as our client, you are guaranteed ease to work with that sets us apart from the rest.


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